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Our handbags are made with passion, dedication and responsibility every step of the way. iandé products origins are from Amazonia - Brazil, designed in Switzerland and handcrafted in Italy. 


iandé handbags are 100% handmade by Italian artisans, offering unique pieces for people who like fashion but also want to know how the product was made and by whom it was made. 


By choosing the pirarucu leather, you are supporting a local and legal trade.


Pirarucu leather is the main material of our collection. This fish is commonly consumed in Brazil and is one of the largest freshwater fishes on the planet. Native to the Amazon river basin, the Pirarucu benefits the ecosystem and the communities that live off fishing, a non-predatory activity that plays an important economic role. 

Nowadays, pirarucu has become one the world’s most luxurious organic products with the lowest environmental impact.



In the Amazon, the waste derived from fish skin, considered unsuitable for consumption, reaches up to 183 thousand tons per year. The biological pollution caused by the fish skin waste not only harms the environment but also the lives of the local communities. The main source of waste comes from the Pirarucu, a fish that attains a length of nearly 3 metres and a weight of 220 kg.

When you buy our bag, you help us to contribute to the reduction of fish waste in Amazonia; to offer a second alternative income to the Amazonian communities;  to promote the work/talent of small craftsmen; to propose unique pieces with impeccable quality.


iandé is born from the need to create a product that is part of the slow fashion movement that represents the ethical, the sustainable fashion which commits to slowing down the rate of fashion consumption. It’s a matter of quality over quantity. That’s why iandé collaborates with suppliers and manufacturers who share their ethos as well as their dedication to producing exquisitely crafted products. 


The fish leather is treated by Nova Kaeru that counts on an exclusive and patented process, which allows the production of panels of pirarucu fish skin of large sizes, providing unique work methods and organic processes. 


The metal accessories of iandé handbags are prepared with great talent and professionalism by Mr. Mimmo, an Italian artisan with almost 50 years of work. Each handmade piece shows the craft that was taught to him as a child. 


Each packaging of iandé is handmade with love and dedication by the artisans Rosy, Angela and Rita, founders of Cartoser, a small company specialized in the creation of handcrafted packaging.  


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