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Our handbags are made with passion,
dedication and responsibility every step of the way. iandé products origins are from Amazonia – Brazil, designed in Switzerland and handcrafted in Italy.

iandé handbags are 100% handmade by
Italian artisans, offering unique pieces for people who like fashion but also want to know how the product was made and by whom it was made.

By choosing the pirarucu leather, you are supporting a local and legal trade.



iandé is born from the need to create a product that is part of the slow fashion movement that represents the ethical, the sustainable fashion which commits to slowing down the rate of fashion consumption. It’s a matter of quality over quantity. That’s why iandé collaborates with suppliers and manufacturers who share their ethos as well as their dedication to producing exquisitely crafted products.

The fish leather is treated by Nova Kaeru that counts on an exclusive and patented process, which allows the production of panels of pirarucu fish skin of large sizes, providing unique work methods and organic processes. 


The metal accessories of iandé handbags are prepared with great talent and professionalism by Mr. Mimmo, an Italian artisan with almost 50 years of work. Each handmade piece shows the craft that was taught to him as a child. 


Each packaging of iandé is handmade with love and dedication by the artisans Rosy, Angela and Rita, founders of Cartoser, a small company specialized in the creation of handcrafted packaging.


Born in the Amazon, Cinthya Margalho grew up with the nature and developed from an early age a strong environmental awareness.

After concluding her studies in Industrial Design, Cinthya decided to move abroad and gather new experiences. In Italy, she continued her studies and obtained a Master´s degree in Fashion Design, followed by another one in Management. She has a vast experience as a fashion designer, having worked for several brands around the world – Italy, Australia, Brazil.

Following years of dedication to her job, Cinthya decided it was time to leave her mark on the fashion industry and support a cause close to her heart. In Switzerland, where she now lives, iandé was born. A brand that not only represents her passion for fashion and her cultural roots, but also promotes environmental awareness and sustainability.

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