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iandé is a brand of luxury women's handbags made from discarded fish skin. Our mission is to give a new life to disposed fish skin, creating a sustainable and multifunctional luxury handbag without causing unnecessary harm to the environment.
The word iandé means "we, our" in Tupi-Guarani, a native language of the indigenous communities from the Amazon. This represents precisely the values behind our brand – We work together with local communities from the Amazon and the best in Italian craftsmanship to ensure a production of luxury products with a large emphasis on responsibility. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality products and at the same time promoting an awareness of fish leather as a sustainable resource.


Launching the debut collection, iandé drew its inspiration from the depths of the Amazonian rainforest, capturing nature’s vibrant colours and its infinite nuances.


The first collection will be available in Rubi, Pérola, Esmeralda and Preta.

No chão - 07.jpg

Niara Esmeralda

No chão - 01.jpg

Niara Rubi

No chão - 06.jpg

Niara Preta

Niara Bag, our first creation, was designed for determined women with a refined taste. The name Niara in tupi-guarani refers to "a woman in pursuit of great achievements". The beautiful female name has a strong symbolism, reflecting the values from the indigenous culture and representing our Brazilian identity.

Niara Perola

Niara Pérola


iandé stands out by its unique material and refreshingly modern design. The artistic sketch is brought to life by our Italian craftsman, resulting in handbags of impeccable quality.

The exotic Pirarucu leather is the secret of our high-end product. Its soft and long-lasting material turns into a sustainable and stunningly beautiful handbag.

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For more information or preorders please contact us directly:

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